About Us

Sepadu Truck Rental Sdn Bhd is a truck rental company that provides a wide range of trucks for corporate and industrial uses. Our company is located in Subang Jaya, Selangor and our transport service are throughout Peninsular Malaysia.

We specialized in a wide range of commercial trucks. Our range of commercial trucks is from 1 Tonne Box Truck to 10 Tonne Box Truck and Panel Van. We provide all of these vehicles in different sizes and models. Therefore, you can easily find suitable trucks that cater to your needs.

Sepadu Truck Rental Sdn Bhd provides you with excellent maintenance that maximizes your uptime and eliminates breakdowns to keep your trucks running efficiently. We gives you the most comprehensive commerical truck with built-in maintenance, flexible terms, financing, and value-added services. As a result you reduce costs through predicatble monthly payments, increase efficiency, and have more time to focus on your core business. Therefore, we are ready to get back on the road quickly whenever you are.
Sepadu Truck Rental Sdn Bhd aims to

Excellence in our business approach.

Assurance in quality of our consultative service to provide you with optimum logistics solution.

Reliance in entrusting us with our expertise to offer you the best modes of transport and rates for your consignments.